Terms and Conditions

1. This quotation is treated as an inquiry not a booking
2. 50% deposit is required for the items to be booked.
3. Please use your name and event date as a reference
4. Please ensure that you have given us the date of the event not the delivery or pick up date
5. We work on a first pay basis. Meaning whoever confirms (paying 50% deposit)the items first , the items will be
booked for them
6. By confirming your booking, you accept that for any breakages or losses of any item/s
 you will pay the invoice that Boldpearl receives from their supplier.
7. Note that cancellation of orders 5 days prior to your event will result in only 50% of your deposit refunded.
8. Cancellation the day before or same day prior to your event, the deposit will be forfeit
9. As soon as you book the items, ensure that your ID, proof of residential, drivers licence and proof of payment is
forwarded to Boldpearl.
10. If you will be sending someone to collect or receive stock on your behalf, ensure that they have their ID,
proof of residential and copy of drivers licence, Failure to do so will result in Boldpearl not releasing the stock
11 By paying deposit it means your agree to the terms and condition